HerbaPROSTAL - double impact on prostatitis

Only 1 treatment improves the functioning of the circulatory system, normalizes the urination process, strengthens the immunity and increases libido

  • Get rid of pain in perineum, rectum and testicles
  • Restore normal urination after 1 treatment
  • Get rid of prostate inflammation
  • Improve male sexual health
"I live normally again!"
"Misfortune fell upon me in a wrong time at the age of 32. I was ready for marriage, children, and then a surprise happened. The pain was such that sex was out of the question. Then I learned about HerbaPROSTAL, and I felt improvement after a few weeks. Now I continued with treatment. No more pain, I have to go to the bathroom less often. Sexual desire has increased. It's all normal!" *
"Bonus better libido!"
"It all started when I noticed that I urinate all too often. It happened that I had to go to the bathroom several times during the night. When it became alarming, I sought professional help and I got a recommendation to use HerbaPROSTAL. With regard to the diagnosis of prostatitis, I thought that patches would not help, however, it has worked. Prostatitis and frequent urination are behind me, and I have a bonus - my libido significantly improved." *
"Farewell to prostatitis and discomfort!"
"I decided to treat the problem under the supervision of an expert. Without the advice of old women, without treatment at home. The discomfort was constant, and the dull pain in the crotch and the scrotum was driving me mad. I was ready for surgery, but fortunately it did not happen. An expert recommended HerbaPROSTAL to me. After 2 months prostatitis was gone. My findings say the same, and that's how I feel. Now, in my life, there is again sex and peaceful nights without pain and humiliation." *
"Salvation for men!"
"I have had terribly unpleasant pains during urination. I can not exactly define it, something like burn. Another problem was more frequent urination, and every time I was overwhelmed with pain. I tried these patches at the recommendation of my colleague "know-it-all". I have the impression it was easier already the next day. I applied patches according to the instructions and now I am like new. This is the complete realization of male dreams - 1 solution for many male problems. Thank you!" *